Consequences of WWIII

War is a concept that has always existed and probably always will, although it felt to us like something distant, something which could not affect us.

That was until recently, when a war broke out right next to our country, and we all realised that our safety and our freedom are very fragile, and that it only takes one crazy man to put them in danger. But should the rest of the world take the bait and declare a global conflict?

There are countless reasons why a global war would be catastrophic for all of us. First of all, violence of any kind should always be avoided or condemned, but especially in a time in which the latest technology would allow world leaders to cause enormous damage to the other countries with only a few missiles.

Secondly, our planet and our countries are still suffering the consequences of the global pandemic that has been plaguing us for the last two years, leaving us and our economy greatly struggling. Not only would a global conflict be extremely damaging for our economy, but it would also mean de-prioritising the spread of the virus, and possibly making all of our efforts to eliminate it meaningless.

Moreover, this conflict was not caused by Russian citizens, but only by their leader and a small group of other men. A war against Russia would harm thousands of innocent citizens that have been rebelling against their country’s actions since the beginning of the war.

In conclusion, if a war were to start, it would probably be the most destructive event that we have experienced in a long time, and its consequences would leave our entire planet devastated.

Ludovica Pantano